Natalia Palacino Camargo

Born 2001 Bogotá, Colombia.
Lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.​​​​​​​
Photographed by Silvia Abisaab (2023)
Natalia Palacino Camargo (b. 2001) is a Colombian interdisciplinary artist from Bogotá D.C. based in Los Angeles, CaliforniaHer practice spans works in installation, video, performance, painting, design, writing and textile work. She is interested in pushing the boundaries of the body and how it is impacted by the cultural and environmental landscape of Colombia — positioned within its longstanding violent internal conflict and conservative chauvinist culture. 
Through her work, Palacino Camargo explores the deeper relationships between body politics and how identity is performed to fit the contradictory nature of the Anthropocene that denaturalizes the body. Her artwork centers on the experience of marginalized bodies and the immigration from rural landscapes to urban cities.  The exposure and desensitization of death in war-torn contexts like her own, informs Palacino Camargo's work on how the body and nature are intertwined through the life cycle. Honoring the victims of the internal conflict in Colombia — beyond her focus on how violence affects female and queer bodies —she explores the manifestation of the self across time, nature, and color.  
The self is explored through the condition of the body, family histories, cultural practices, and Latin American traditions that are shaped by a cycle of violence and domination from the Spanish Inquisition to modern imperialism and internal conflicts.  Turning a critical lens on her experience in living between two spaces she explores the contrast between the maximalism of consumerist culture in the USA and the rich biodiversity yet lack of infrastructure in Colombia. 
Palacino Camargo holds a B.F.A. in Studio Art with honors in Philosophy from New York University.
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