"Narcos(state" is a mockup educational project created for my Projects in Design Class for the semester of Fall 2021. The project involved coming up with a project idea, creating a catalog for which I designed, wrote, and created all illustrations. Accompanied by a webpage and social media account mockup.
Narcos(state) is an educational project that aims to start an open conversation about American intervention and neo-colonial practices in Latin America. The project reclaims the narrative of violence, war, drugs, and control, and provides a perspective from within Latin America. Sharing perspectives and opinions of how US intervention has affected different people’s lives we aim to bring a new narrative. A narrative that is shared outside of the Latin American diaspora and educates of the control and problems that U.S paternalism has caused in this region. For our first volume, we have focused on U.S intervention through political, military, and cultural imperialism in Colombia. These practices have intensified instances of violence and inequality while selling a story of saving the people from “third world countries”. Meanwhile, current American media appropriates traumatic histories and sells Colombia as an underdeveloped nation known for narcotics and violence. American narratives ignore the victims, years of trauma, and violence while glorifying the antihero figures that are drug lords like Escobar. A portrayal of a state that causes fascination for its movie-like history with drugs and violence. A narcos(state) you might call it. 
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