Performance and Video Piece
El arte de lo efímero, porque la identidad es prestada.
Fruto de tu Vientre (2020) is a video piece that attempts to detach itself from the traditional linear perspective. The piece is created to represent not only who I am but how my mind works. The video is a compilation of clips recorded over the weeks of September 2020 but is not limited to this as found footage from my parents’ wedding, childhood, and past work have been used. When creating the video I was interested in how body autonomy shapes my identity and how this differs from the parts of my identity that I do not decide upon but have been passed on to me. This is the first time doing a self-portrait that attempts to explore beyond the physical and talks about my own faith in relation to the Catholic religion, which is something that has been strongly imposed upon me by my family and culture. This exploration has made me discover what role religion plays as the producer of several internal conflicts and bodily shame and how this has made me question the judgments I make upon myself.

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