Parallel Spaces (Ground Installation/Performance)
found plastic, soil, moss, forest plants, weeds, fabric, thread, plastic tarp, and recycled shampoo bottles 
705 cm x 290 cm

La Toscana (Parallel Spaces Installation Series)
Cotton/wool fabric, cotton, recycled textile material, threads
200 cm x 300 cm

Contorno Corporal-Letter to Ana Mendieta (Parallel Spaces Installation Series)
Crochet cotton and wool
approx. 50 cm x 160 cm
Created for the bi-annual Interspaces International Symposium and residency at Galerie Klatovy /Klenová. 

Parallel Space is an Installation that juxtaposes the masculine forces of industrial labor with the feminine divine of the natural world. Playing with these binaries of synthetic vs. organic, creation vs. destruction, my work focuses on the idea of harmony and dissonance when opposing forces come together. Through this installation, I reflect on parallel spaces, one a familiar space that I call my home in Colombia, while the other a new space across the world in Klenova. Both spaces stand as a mirror to each other as the landscapes bring a sense of familiarity and comfort. Through intense labor via the work of performance and installation, I have transformed the gallery space into an image that resembles the home with the elements of the unknown.  Leaving as my final trace, a silhouette that will act as a proxy of my body destroying the binaries and uniting them into one interspace.

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