EN SOCIEDAD (after Ana Mendieta)
Performance (Video and Photographic record)
2-hour performance
1. Dress down to a natural state. Dress up to a natural stage.
2. As your body is one with the natural state, feel how your limbs transform to be one with the elements of nature.
3. Go outside of your confinement and as you move through space feel how your body has transformed through time.
4. Go to a place where nature is in its true form. Leave society. Find a new society of nature.
5. Find a subset of this space. 
6. Adjust and move the body to be part of this space.
7. Start with nonexistence and stay still until the body and the surrounding nature are one movement together. 
8. Destroy the body and repeat stage 5 through 8.
9. Repeat until time, movement- or the lack of it- and space are one.
10. Destroy the natural. Return to your own society.

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