Cicatriz-Raw II is a textile art piece focused on experimenting with materiality. It conceptually aims to defy societal preconceptions around grief and trauma. The creation of this textile piece was a therapeutic method to deal with the loss of family members, friends and past self. This piece acts as a quilt of memory and release generated as a catharsis post-pandemic. This quilt-like work is a type of abstraction that assembles several smaller collages of fabrics meant to mimic scabs. These scab-like pieces were created in an organic manner using different colors and textures to replicate the process of scabbing or closing a wound. 

The project itself was a self healing exercise that represents this idea of healing from the inside. When we cut or hurt ourselves we bleed at first and then through time the wound closes, the scab is formed and the exterior is hardened. The exterior hardens while in the inside our own body repairs the wound. Once the cells are done regenerating the tissue the scab falls off and the only thing that remains is a small scar. 

Cicatriz (RAW II). 2021. Approx. 2 x 1.80 meters

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